Miatas at Myrtle Beach VII

Day 1 – 2013 Miatas at Myrtle Beach VII ( MAMB)

Despite the inclement weather Kay and I had a nice time at Miatas at Myrtle Beach VII hosted by the Gran Strand Miata Club. Several Miata clubs including the Miata Nuts of Hampton Roads, Tri-Cities Miata Club and other Miata Clubs from around the country attended the four day event. Unfortunately, many of the scheduled events were canceled or rescheduled due to the inclement weather on Thursday, the first day of the event. We were still able to make the most of it despite the weather on the first day. The drive from Hampton Roads to Myrtle Beach was enjoyable despite the top being up due to the inclement weather, we made a quick stop in Jacksonville, NC for lunch and fuel before continuing our journey to our hotel.

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Day 2

pexels-photo-68357We awoke to more rain which again canceled many of the activities. Our group met up for breakfast at the restaurant across the street from the hotel. Then Kay and I proceeded to spend the day relaxing hoping for a break in the weather.

By evening time the rain had stopped and we were able to meet up with the group for dinner. Had a great time as always with the Miata Nuts. After dinner we returned to the hotel watched a bit of TV while checking emails before retiring for the evening.


Day 3

Finally, a break in the weather with sunshine and warmer temperatures. After meeting for breakfast with the group we decided to check out the car show in the parking garage. There were several decked out Miatas to look at and admire.

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