Freedom Waterless Car Wash

I have been searching and reviewing various reviews and write ups on waterless car wash products that are currently available. I have tried the Mequire’s Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere product and I must say that I am impressed with how easy it was to use on the car and what a nice job it did. I also ordered the three product combo pack of Freedom (EcoGreenAutoCleanFreedom) Waterless Eco products. The bundle I ordered consisted of Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash, Eco Tire Shine, and Complete Clean along with 12 micro fiber detailing towels for $50 online. It took about 12 days from the time I ordered until the products arrived via FedEx.

I was pleasantly surprised when Freedom also included a free bottle of their Freedom Original car wash and a trial sized bottle of their Speed Shine Nano Wax inside the package. Unfortunately, it rained for the next two day which prevented me from giving the products a try. Due to recent rain there was some gritty dirt collected around the quarter panels. I did rinse off the quarter panels with some water to remove the gritty sand from the paint before applying the Freedom products. Following their handy online video I started by spraying the tires with the Eco Tire Shine product first then sprayed each rim with the Complete Clean product. While I let those two products work I then proceeded to use the Freedom One product to clean the car starting from the top and in a circular pattern worked my way around the car finishing up with the dirtiest areas last. From the pictures below their products worked extremely well and I was very satisfied with the results.

2012 MX-5 PRHT GT

2012 MX-5 PRHT GT Freedom One

I was highly impressed with the Eco Tire Shine and how well it worked. Next time I will hold off on using the Complete Clean on the rims until I am ready to clean them as the product dried before I could get back to the rims and required that I wet them down again. I used three towels one for washing and two for drying. I also used a fourth towel for cleaning the interior with the Complete Clean product. The finished result was a supper slick finish that looks and feels smooth and clean as a whistle.

I give an A+ rating to the products and will definitely be purchasing their products in the future once I run out.


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